Microbioticos and public health

Microbioticos and public health

Microbiotica y salud publica

Public health is the discipline that deals with the protection of health at the population level. In this sense, it seeks to improve the health conditions of communities through the promotion of healthy lifestyles, awareness campaigns, education and research. To do this, it has the participation of specialists in medicine, biology, nursing, sociology, statistics, veterinary and other sciences and areas.
Public health development depends on governments, which design various health programs to meet their goals. Among the various public health functions, the following stand out: Th

  1. A prevenção epidemio-patológica (com vacinações massivas e gratuitas),
  2. A proteção sanitária (controle do meio ambiente e da contaminação), a promoção sanitária (através da educação).
  3. A restauração (para recuperar a saúde).

e Microbiotics Laboratory within its program of diversification of activities decided to participate and contribute to the implementation of public health policies, with activities in the sector regulatory analytics in which the company has embarked for more than 20 years offering solutions to its customers.

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