Sample shipment

Sample shipment

Suggestion for sending samples Biological Matrices (Liver, Kidney, Muscle):

  • Sample amount: 500g, for each analysis to be performed
  • Wrap the sample in clear plastic
  • Freeze the sample near the refrigerant (gelpack ice pack) so that both are at the same temperature.
  • If it is not possible to freeze the sample, it should be shipped with the refrigerant
  • The insulation box must be of a sample size for a 500 g sample. A box of 35 × 23 cm and 28 cm high is enough
  • Identify samples correctly and in shape and readable
  • Address the box with laboratory data as per Label

To Ship PNCRC Samples – Instructions

Shipping Address:

Microbiotics Laboratory Tests Ltda.
Address: Santa Isabel Avenue, 2116 – Barão Geraldo.
City: Campinas – UF: São Paulo
ZIP Code: 13084-643

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